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At Veny EV, we like to keep things simple, and we want to make sure that our customers are fully informed about all things that matter around electric vehicles and EV charging, because we want to ensure that our customers are happy and get the best possible service.

Confused by all the jargon around electric vehicles and charging?  What does OZEV, PHEV, OEM or ICE mean?  Have no idea where to start with getting a Government grant for your EV charger, or if you are eligible to receive a grant?

This is the place to come to help clarify any questions you may have, or alternatively contact our specialist team who will be more than happy to help.’

Electric Vehicle and Charging Jargon Buster

 As we move towards the UK Government’s ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles in 2030, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more predominant in our everyday lives. But with so many acronyms around such as OZEV, PHEV, RFID, ICE, OEM, kWh etc, even before...

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A Simple Guide to the OZEV Grant

Home Chargers The Option to Claim up to £350 per EV Home Charge Point has now finished The UK Government's Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) option finished as of 31 March 2022 and there are currently no other Government grants available for Home Charger...

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