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Case Studies

Happy Customers

I wanted a home charger installing but thought it would be a complex job because my fuse box was in one corner of the house, and I needed the electric vehicle charger in the other corner by the drive, meaning a long run of cable.  

I contacted Veny EV for a quote and completed the self survy that they sent through.  I also explained what I thought may be difficult for the installation, but they came back with a great quote and said it shouldn’t be an issue to install.  Took them half a day to do the installation, running the cable under the floorboards, but they did a really tidy job and were very professional.  Even my wife was impressed at how clean and tidy they left it.

Mrs T S - Northampton

With my first electric vehicle, I was recommended by a friend to look at this company for a home charger.  From start to finish the process was very clear and easy.  A simple questionnaire to complete about my home electrics, and a very good price in return.  When the team arrived to complete the work, it was done very quickly with no mess.

Mr G W - Manchester

We decided to start to transition the company fleet over to EVs, and also decided that we needed to have EV chargers installed at work.  We managed to get some quotes in, but this local company seemed to provide the best value for money.  The other key point for us was that they did the full install from end to end, whereas some others were intending to sub-contract the work out, and I’ve heard of some horror stories with that.  So Veny got the work and installed the 3 chargers for us.  No issues and everything was ready and working very quickly.

Mr D T – Bury

Having ordered a Tesla model 3, I was keen to secure a quality EV charger installed professionally and with a tidy finish. 

I approached Veny EV as I knew that a background in the telecoms industry meant that their teams would be experienced in electrical works.  There would also be a requirement for some elements of digging work to provide feed to the charger, and I thought that their experience would ensure  I felt that this gave them the cutting edge over and above local installers and those advertising blanket national packages. Very good job overall.

Mrs A S - Knutsford

What can I say?  I needed a charger for my new Polestar 2 electric vehicle and came across this company who had some good reviews.  Did the survey myself via an app that they sent to me which meant I could do it in my own time and didn’t need to take a day off work.  Submitted the survey and they came back with a great price.  Came to do the job in a few days and were very quick about it.  

Mr D S – Upper Heyford

Good value and easy to do business with.  Very straight forward process to do a site survey that they sent to me.  Then was able to discuss the work and what I wanted before they gave me a quote.  Good value for money and very quickly finished the work.  If you need a charger for your home installing, it’s worth getting in contact with these guys.

Mr L B W - Bury

Like many businesses now, we have employees starting to use EVs for their work, and decided to install a few charges points at the work offices to help charge the vehicles.  So we chose Veny and they finished the job in less than a day.  Gave our team a quick demo to show them how to use them and they have worked fine since.  Would recommend them.

Mr R L - Daventry

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