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A Simple Guide to the OZEV Grant

Home Chargers

The Option to Claim up to £350 per EV Home Charge Point has now finished

The UK Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) option finished as of 31 March 2022 and there are currently no other Government grants available for Home Charger installations.

Workplace Chargers

Claim up to a total of £14,000 with the OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme.

OZEV also offer a Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant of up to £350 per charger for any business, public authority or charity off the cost of purchasing and installing EV charge points at the workplace, up to a maximum of 40 chargers (£14000 total).

Which Vehicles Qualify for the OZEV Grant?

All fully electric vehicles that are powered solely by a battery qualify for the grant.  For PHEVs, qualification is based on the amount of C02 emissions for the vehicle, which must be below 50g/km.

Do I qualify for the Grant?

To qualify for the OZEV grant:

  • You must have purchased an eligible EV or PHEV.
  • You must have off street parking to install the charge point.
  • The charge point installed must be OZEV approved.
  • The charge point must be installed by an OZEV approved installer.

How do I Claim the OZEV Grant?

Claiming the respective OZEV EVHS or WCS grant is simple.  All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and then the specialist team at Veny EV can do the rest.  They will do all the paperwork and claim and apply the grant on your behalf, so that you can enjoy a worry-free installation of your Home or Workplace Charger.

Additional Grant in Scotland

Through the Energy Saving Trust Scotland, the Scottish Government provides an additional grant of £250 (or £350 for those living in the most remote areas of Scotland) on top of the EVHS grant offered by the UK Government for home charger installations.  Again, the team at Veny EV can do all the hard admin work to help you claim the Scottish grant through the standard ordering process.

On-Street Residential Grant Scheme (OSRGS) for Local Authorities

Local Authorities can claim up to 75% of the Capital Costs of purchasing and installing charge point infrastructures.

Local Authorities can apply for OZEV funding towards the costs of increasing their on-street numbers of charge points in residential areas where there isn’t any off-street parking and charging available.
The Government has allocated £20m worth of funding in 2021 to 2022 for such projects , where up to 75% of the capital costs of purchasing and installing charge point infrastructure can be covered by the grant, up to a maximum of £7,500 per charge point (exceptionally up to £13,000 per charge point).

How do Local Authorities apply for the OSRGS Funding?
Any Local Authority can apply for the OSRGS funding by visiting the On-Street Residential Grant Scheme website and completing the application form. Applicants will first need to consider the demand in their area, and identify any suitable charge point locations, as well as seeking quotes for their chosen projects before submitting the application.